Pak kilometra larg Tiranës, një fushë e rrethuar nga kodra të vogla dhe pisha rrëmben zemrën tuaj, dhe një relaksim mistik ju përfshin dhe largon shqetësimet tuaja.

Ndoshta drurët e pishës që ju shoqërojnë përgjatë rrugës, gjelbrimi i begatshëm ose tingujt e pulëbardhave, duke iu afruar detit dhe rërës, ju ndjeheni si keni gjetur shtëpinë tuaj të vërtetë.

Sapo të mbërrini, ju merrni përshtypjen se këtu perënditë kanë dhënë frymën e tyre hyjnore për të dhënë një pamje të parajsës në Tokë.

E gjithë kjo bukuri ka një emër – quhet “Kepi i Rodonit”.

Rrethuar nga llojet e të kaltërtës dhe të gjelbrës, energjia e detit Adriatik dhe gjelbërimi i fushave ku delet gëzohen me barëra të bollshme të freskëta, ndjeheni sikur ju pret thirrja për të ndjekur ritmin natyror.

Çoftë një natë e mesit të verës, një mëngjes i freskët pranveror ose një strehim dimri, Kepi i Rodonit ofron përzierje perfekte të mrekullive natyrore, si dhe artefakte historike që meritojnë hamendjen tuaj, një orë larg me makinë nga dinamika e Tiranës.

Where are we located?

Cape of Rodon Resort is situated 18 km away from the Adriatic-Ionian axis, 5km from the Rinas Airport.

In a small hill range with lush, alluring Mediterranean greenery that goes 8km deep in the Adriatic’s blue, a mystic relaxation encompasses and makes you forget the daily burden. Perhaps the horizon that accompanies you along the path surrounded by virgin forests reminds you of an ancient trip to the Cote d’Azur.

Once you arrive, you will have the impression that God has created a piece of paradise on Earth. All this beauty is called “Cape of Rodon”. The astonishing sunset of the sky meeting the sea, shows a wonderful landscape westward.

Upon reaching the Cape, you understand why this serene Earth’s stretch to the sea is called the Cape of Rodon. As this  was the land of Illyrian, Hellen and Etruscan seafarers, ‘Rodon’  The Lord of the Seas (in Illyrian culture) secured and sheltered them during their open sea travels.

For this reason, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg placed his fleet and family at the castle, which today holds his glorious name.  The baptism of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg took place in St. Anthony’s Church, which is part of the Cape itself. St.Anthony’s church dates back to the 14th century.

To reach the Cape, you have to walk among the natural canvased alleys covered with the mystery of the time that reminds you of a deeply rooted history of 1400s Illyria.

The sea depths of Cape Rodon offer the idyllic white-sand beaches, a rare phenomenon in the Mediterranean. The iodine scent, merged with the variety of flowers and the four-season sunlight and the turquoise sea, seem to have a grasping effect of wanting to stay there forever or at least come back soon.

Green Village

Our Villas

are we?



Green Step Co. with its new venture into modern green architecture chose Cape of Rodon as its new destination. The nature of the Cape of Rodon highlights the blending of green architecture with virgin nature. A hill with epic scenery on all of its sides was chosen to settle your villas, which are merged with the hill as if they were eternally there.

The villa’s positioning has been studied very carefully to provide the maximum privacy for owners/vacationers, giving them the feeling as if they are the only people living there. Our construction concept does not infringe the virgin coast, preserving and enriching the integrated vegetation in the resort areas.

The bungalows surrounded by gardens and 100 percent green roofs, hide accomodation interiors inside this oasis.

Part of the resort will be 48 luxury elite villas and a 5-star hotel.

The villas lie in an individual recreational area with private pool, barbecue area, gardens and two parking spaces.

What do we offer you?

The Rodon Cape Resort provides a complete maintenance service that includes the following services:

  • Garden and pool cleaning
  • Maintenance of all common areas – street, public space, lighting
  • Wastewater disposal and garbage collection
  • Administrative service and postal service
  • The external management opportunities during the unused period according to the requirements of the owners


The Cape of Rodon Resort also has individual safe and secured parking with large spaces dedicated to villa owners and guests, sea road service as well as private luxury transport.


Although we are located in a very quiet and safe area, for your complete tranquility, the Cape Rodon Resort offers 24 hour security service that controls the entire resort area.

Monuments of culture

Skanderbeg Castle and St. Anthony’s Church along with the remains of underwater aquatic monuments – that can be seen in free diving, are some of the unique monuments found only in this location.

Hilly passages for cycling and free hiking.

Passages in the dashed hills, built in the communist period in function of the military preparedness of the Albanian army will awaken adrenaline in you, as they are perfect for climbing, hill cycling and other activities.


The villas have the perfect garden for families to come together to cute BBQ. There is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party – let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendour, speak for itself.

Grasslands for picnic

Perfect grasslands for a delightful picnic with your loved ones in the beautiful Cape of Rodon nature. The serene scenery is calling you.

Communist regime bunkers

The massive bunker structures with their underground passages are a historical-cultural attraction offered in the area.

Sports environment

Sports facilities which include basketball and football fields as well as a tennis court give you lots of opportunities for sports activities during your free time.

Recreation and Swimming Pools of Villas

Each villa has a family pool as a recreational area, to spend a tranquil time in private conditions and with a fantastic view.

Playgrounds for children

Do not worry about your children and how they will spend their free time. The resort’s playgrounds are the dream of every child for a full of activities-and-games day.

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